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"I was 6 or 7 years old when I knew I wanted to be in the movies.  Like many, I first wanted to be a director.  
Growing up in Spain, I used to spend weekends with my family in our summer country home where I played for hours in the backyard
trying to replicate the images I had just witnessed on TV. 

Saturday afternoons were usually a good spot for western films, so there I was being John Wayne or James Stewart
trying to save the day. 
Soon I realized that I could alter the outcome of the story, change the movie and make it my own.
 I could make the 7th Calvary Regiment come out triumphant at
The Battle of the Little Bighorn, or I could have Crazy Horse successfully escape from Fort Robinson.
My interest in filmmaking grew much more after that, and I decided that if I could be in the film industry
I could try to make changes and do things differently. 

I developed a love for painting; I discovered the masterly treatment of light by Vermeer, 
the use of color and perspectives of De Hooch, the Chiaroscuro of Caravaggio or Monet and the Impressionist style. 
I discovered the importance of an image, and all the things I could say with the use of light and composition, and decided then that I wanted to be a cinematographer." 

Vincent De Paula is an award winning cinematographer with a great deal of experience shooting features, TV series and commercials all around the world.
Originally from Spain, Vincent moved abroad at a young age to pursue a career as a cinematographer
and found himself living between Los Angeles and London,UK.
Now an accomplished cinematographer, Vincent is a full member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers
and International Cinematographer's Guild 669. 
Considered by many as one of the most talented cinematographer of his generation his work has been seen in many countries, won several awards and nominations,
and covered in magazines such as the prestigious American Cinematographer Magazine. 

"I always try to bring a very passionate and positive vision to every project I am involved with.
I could bring with me a tremendous technical knowledge to the table, 
but I believe my work as a cinematographer is collaborating with the director to try to find the pictures that describe the story
from an emotional point of view" 

Vincent De Paula is available worldwide and is represented by UTA (United Talent Agency) in Los Angeles. 

"I am very discerning. I am not the kind of cinematographer who shoots anything that comes my way. 
I could easily have dozens more feature films under my belt, but over the years I have been able
to select the work I want to do…. and be proud of it, choosing quality over quantity. 
Story is very important to me, and I feel I need to have a connection with it..."